Hi Santa

Hi Santa Hi Santa, Nice to see you again. Have you been quarantined? Oh you are always quarantined? For 11 months? Well I’m glad you decided to show up this crazy year. Have I been a good girl? Well, that’s debatable. What do I want for Christmas you say? I thought you’d never ask. IContinue reading “Hi Santa”


I see it all the time. People acting the way they do strictly out of ғᴇᴀʀ. Think about it. Would there be ĂŃŶ office politics if people were not fearful for their job? Would there be ĂŃŶ fights in relationshipd if people were not fearful of LOSS? Would there be ĂŃŶ addicted gamblers if theyContinue reading “LoSe BIG”

If You Really Want to Help Me

If you really want to help me, learn all you can about my disease. Let me know you  ᑕᗩᖇE.  Listen to my fears. Ask me how I’m feeling without giving solutions. Don’t remind me of how I’m constantly screwing everything up. Trust me I know. Let me know that this life, these drugs ᗪO ᑎOTContinue reading “If You Really Want to Help Me”

Trauma Blocking

What the heck? Never heard this term before but when I came across a local recovery group Addict to Athlete’s IG Checklist for it, it sounded vaguely familiar. It sounds like stress. Life, ya know? Trying to get through the day. Or the week. Don’t we all mindlessly scroll on social media and the nextContinue reading “Trauma Blocking”

A Deep Dive

Before I discovered Addiction so intimately within my own family,  I would have written off this Video as just another religious kook. But when you are dropped to your knees with such utter powerless & deep despair, you find yourself seeking out a God, any God- real fast.  The sheer pain & fear along withContinue reading “A Deep Dive”

Leaning In

Check out my latest post from a blast from my past. LEANING IN! https://mandyhawks27.blogspot.com/ Here’s an excerpt: We’ve often heard the term LEANING IN as way to listen to hear and not to respond. In Andy Goldsworthy’s film “Leaning In”, he sees it as one of two ways- You can either walk on the pathContinue reading “Leaning In”

Wнy Don’т We Sneeze Wнile Sleeping?

I know, I know. You’ve probly never even thought about it. But I have. Cuz see, as a woman, there’s an interesting phenomenon that happens when we sit down to pluck our eyebrows. We sneeze. It’s strange, but true. So years ago when Google became a “thing” – yes, I’m THAT old- 👵, I looked itContinue reading “Wнy Don’т We Sneeze Wнile Sleeping?”

Matters What? What Matters? And other Thanksgiving thoughts

ᗰᗩTTEᖇS.. ᗯᕼᗩT As I drove on the interstate to work today, I saw the flashing billboard with the following words: If they don’t live with you, zoom for Thanksgiving I felt my eyes stinging with tears. What about a second option? What about the family members who you haven’t seen for 6 months? What aboutContinue reading “Matters What? What Matters? And other Thanksgiving thoughts”

Preventing Addiction

I mean…is that even possible? Maybe not with our children, because I believe we do the best we can with what we have while raising them. But as adults I have always felt that if we stick to our personal “checkpoints” as I call them- we could prevent allot of problems. When I watch aContinue reading “Preventing Addiction”

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