Get Help~ For You or a Loved One


Resources and Tidbits

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If you need help in ANY STATE- Start here… insurance or no insurance. This is the same # you’ll get from all the social media influencers.

PLEASE PLEASE be careful of the popular recovered addicts and their claims of helping 1000’s & 1000’s. Do your research on body brokering


Here are some questions to see if someone is using substances “too” much.

From AA
Am I a Drug addict?

This you tube video is priceless from the eyes of the homeless and addicted. (Not all in-house are addicted just as nor all addicted are unhoused) The 25 minute mark says it best. “I made a choice the first time- after that the drug made the choices for me”    Documentary on addicts

Great resources for families of addicted loved ones

Dr R Corey Walker- explains Dopamine perfectly!

Click Here for an excellent explanation of what Heroin does to the brain & What drives so many people to give up what we value the most: family and the love of our children, in exchange for one more high, prison and death?

Heroin takes the normal chemical circuits in a person’s brain and makes it go awry like a pre-schooler with a chemistry set.

The problem is that opioid drugs reprioritize the addict’s needs. The survival priorities are not food, water, family, children anymore, but rather getting more drugs.

Mental Health and addiction- Put the shovel Down

Put the shovel down Boundaries- should you kick them out?

This very up close and personal video by Nicole Labor Is the best explanation of how addiction takes hold. She helped me understand so much my first year.

Dr Matt & Dr Mike explain Very in depth look at opioids In the brain

Addiction is the opposite of connection Johann Hari

Dr Kevin Macaulay

Dr.Kevin Macaulay Pleasure Unwoven- such a peaceful explanation.

Nar-Anon for families of opiod addicted loved ones

Al- Anon for families of alcoholic use disorder

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