Addiction is NOT a CRIME

You heard me correctly. It has taken me a long time to come to this conclusion, so I understand if it sounds completely foreign, especially if you haven’t seen addiction’s anti-linear path up close. After all, many crimes announced on the news, are followed with the unspoken tone of: ‘Oh and by the way’; “HeContinue reading “Addiction is NOT a CRIME”

“When Will She Finally Get It?”

Guest posting with Sean Dustin In addition to being the mom of a person with substance use disorder, I happen to be a nurse who works in recovery of a different nature. I work most often with girls in residential treatment of eating disorders. One day, a worried Mom called and asked, “My daughter hasContinue reading ““When Will She Finally Get It?””

Brain Changes with Addiction

I first learned about the hijacked brain in a nursing in-service at work in 2017. Nurses were just starting to be able to get help for their risk of becoming addicted. My family was experiencing our first ‘what the F’ moments of something being amiss with my 32-year-old son. He was flying high (excuse theContinue reading “Brain Changes with Addiction”

Toughless Love

The heart that builds itself up to do the “tough love”,Fails miserably over & over again… The heart that swears to never enable again, walks past her son’s picture & breaks down into tears of what he must look like now…..This Mom who melts into relief at seeing that green dot- of-life online today. ThisContinue reading “Toughless Love”

The Dream

“What exactly seems to be the problem????” I could hear the words echo like a child’s faraway pleading… “Why, God?? Why can you part an entire sea of water but you can’t seem to fix my “little” problem.” I spouted the accusations into the air like a thick plume of smog… I felt the searingContinue reading “The Dream”


You WANT so desperately to believe them… You NEED to believe them…. Your SANITY and PEACE depend on believing them…Not to mention your ability to get a good night’s sleep….Just for tonight… Until you are lying there and the realization Hits you…. You’ve been bamboozled again…You’ve become addictions 550 million- possibly- billionth second-hand victim ofContinue reading “Bamboozled”

Heaven is a Matter of Perspective

Guest blog by Shadoe Christine I’ve gone so long pretendingTrying to show everything is okayI’d rather not worry youWith the weight I carry each day.Its slowly getting harderTo hold all the emotions backPiece by piece, fragment by fragmentThe illusion is starting to crackYou’ve begun to notice silent tearsYou’re starting to realize the pain.Beginning to seeContinue reading “Heaven is a Matter of Perspective”

Staying in The Moment

At my job, we teach staying in the present as a coping skill.The last few weeks and months seem to have a lot of minds busy with turbulence & unrest… One of the things I’ve learned most about helping people in duress is to bring them back to the moment. “Grounding” is the new term.Continue reading “Staying in The Moment”

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