Breathe- Just Breathe

“Breathe, just breathe”. That’s what I constantly hear myself saying these days. In this political climate of the world today, it’s SO easy to find yourself in a sudden moment of anger, shock, and surprise at any and every new development. It’s hard not to react and retort with a knee- jerk response. It’s hardContinue reading “Breathe- Just Breathe”

Take What You Need

My job gives me the opportunity to intimately see into a person’s life… fact I see pretty much the whole spectrum from birth to death. I’ve had the opportunity to watch 100’s of births and maybe half as many deaths. After an emotional week at work which resulted in several awakenings, tonight my heart isContinue reading “Take What You Need”

I Don’t Want to Sit by a Heroin Addict

These are the words I heard echo from a co-worker during a meeting today.  She was talking about a client who didn’t want to go to a place of business in case he had to sit by a heroin addict. If I was financially independent, I would have stood up and said: (well- yelled, “ThereContinue reading “I Don’t Want to Sit by a Heroin Addict”

The Casualties Of Addiction

ƛԼԼ ƖƝ ƬӇЄ ƊƛƳ ƠƑ ƛ ԼƖƑЄ The little girl with the shy smile, came over to me, standing in the kitchen. Her sticky fingers grabbed my hands and led me to the dining room table where the family was singing Happy Birthday to her soon to be little sister. She sat in the tallContinue reading “The Casualties Of Addiction”

Pandemic For a Year? Welcome to ØɄⱤ World

We’re coming up on a year of this pandemic. My daughter was really Ill last December with what she thinks was Covid. I wrote this article last April when the pandemic was in full force. It’s meant to show the living hell a mom of a substance use disorder person lives with comparitively to CovidContinue reading “Pandemic For a Year? Welcome to ØɄⱤ World”


It’s kindof a relief really This life So much energy spent On the fight, fighting for a reasonDifferent reasons, really Then you find yourself in that moment…. Of trying to light a firework……. Finding the fuseTrying not to get burnedRunning away Hearing the hiss of the connection And then nothing Dead nothing What? How canContinue reading “Freeing”

Don’t Touch The Glass

I stare. Nothing stares back. They just swim. And swim. I wave. Nothing. I tap on the glass. Nothing. The glare. The waves. The piercing lights that feel dark. Nauseating. I press my red, tear- soaked face against the cold glass. See me. Please. See ME suffering. I scream…..My breathe gushes back into my face.Continue reading “Don’t Touch The Glass”

Alcohol is NOT Exempt

I know I usually write about addiction in the form of opiods, but I actually have some intense interest in the fallacy (?- is that the right word?) of alcohol dependance. Since it’s so widely shown, glamorized and basically accepted, on the movie and media scene; and since it’s even politically correct (does that evenContinue reading “Alcohol is NOT Exempt”

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