The Dream

“What exactly seems to be the problem????” I could hear the words echo like a child’s faraway pleading… “Why, God?? Why can you part an entire sea of water but you can’t seem to fix my “little” problem.” I spouted the accusations into the air like a thick plume of smog… I felt the searingContinue reading “The Dream”

Does It Matter?

Guest blog shared by Laura Swank Is it a disease?Or is it just a choice?Does it even matter,Since I can’t hear your voice? Now the pressures off,You don’t have to fight,But when the day is done,And I close my eyes at night… What could you have been?What could you have done?Is what I think about,WhenContinue reading “Does It Matter?”

What if They Never Get Better?

Guest blog- Ed Brazell That is a question that families don’t really want to ask themselves. It’s usually a question asked out of frustration and after a long time of battling family addiction. Followed by: “I’ve done everything I know to do.” Lately I have been thinking about this question and it is very troubling.Continue reading “What if They Never Get Better?”

Breathe- Just Breathe

“Breathe, just breathe”. That’s what I constantly hear myself saying these days. In this political climate of the world today, it’s SO easy to find yourself in a sudden moment of anger, shock, and surprise at any and every new development. It’s hard not to react and retort with a knee- jerk response. It’s hardContinue reading “Breathe- Just Breathe”

I Don’t Want to Sit by a Heroin Addict

These are the words I heard echo from a co-worker during a meeting today.  She was talking about a client who didn’t want to go to a place of business in case he had to sit by a heroin addict. If I was financially independent, I would have stood up and said: (well- yelled, “ThereContinue reading “I Don’t Want to Sit by a Heroin Addict”

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