The Truth Will Set You Free

Matt Kahn:

Talking about something difficult, no matter the risk of judgment or rejection, always winds up being much easier to endure than hiding from the things that need to be said. This is why the truth shall always set you free. The truth can always be said directly, diplomatically, and with the belief that no matter how anyone reacts to your sharing, each human being is hard-wired in connection to the Universe to become even more evolved over time as a result of each outcome. This is so, whether you are meant to see its evidence and no matter the opinions that others may have of you or the decisions you make. As you choose communication over avoidance, dare to believe in the unwavering support the Universe equally has for you, as well as others.

All of this is so you may be fully available to loving and encouraging yourself throughout the expression of your most difficult feelings, as your heart is divinely guided to share. In doing so it’s essential to remember, you don’t have to make anyone else wrong, in order to declare what is ultimately right for you.

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All for Love,


8 Uncomfortable Truths

“Hatred says: “I despise not getting my way and I’ll take it out on whomever I wish until I do.”

Anger says: “I’m so mad that I can’t get my way and I don’t know what to do about it.”

Sadness says: “It’s so unfair that I can’t get my way.”

Fear says: “I can’t imagine not getting my way.”

Denial says: “My way would be so much better.”

Boredom says: “My way is anything but this.”

Emptiness says: “It seems as if my way is always opposite or different than how things are.”

Acceptance says: “The Universe is always orchestrating life in my highest favor, whether it seems to be going my way or not.”

Peace says: “When my way is put aside, the way is shown.”

Compassion says: “I understand how you feel. I didn’t get my way either.”

Joy says: “Everything is always going my way, no matter the details, outcomes, or circumstances.”

Love says: “I embrace the one who needs life to be one way or another and I cherish the one who has no particular way to be as the eternal innocence of all.”

Oneness says: “Even the notions of getting my way or having no way to be are equally unique ways of the Universe playing in form.”

Transcendence says: “All paths lead to the same way.”

Truth says: “I AM the way, the way I AM.”

  • Matt Kahn