Addicted to Drama

I read somewhere that we get a dopamine burst even in times of worry and pain. I thought, “How can this be? I thought dopamine was just for pleasure?”

I found this Article in psychology today which helps explains it:

“….in the moment, anger feels good; it feels like the thing to do. It overrides all other moral and rational brakes in the brain because it originates from our primordial, original limbic system: the brain center of our most automatic emotions like fear and desire.”

And as far as the dopamine release:

“What happens is that anger can lead to similar “rushes” as thrill-seeking activities where danger triggers dopamine reward receptors in the brain, or like other forms of addiction such as gambling, extreme sports, or even drugs like cocaine and methamphetamines. Anger can become it’s own reward, but like other addictions, the final consequences are dangerous and real…….”

In life’s tragedies, sorrow, unbearable grief, and pain, it’s easy to let to
resentment and bitterness live in our hearts and breed discontentment. We let our space be filled with rumination of what has been done TO us–especially if that’s where we feel the most comfortable.

Even if we have good reason to be angry there comes a time when it’s causing more distress to hang on to it than let it go. Living with anger and ruminating on what others have done to us, drives wedges between those we love. Even those of whom the anger is not directed, will feel our discontent because we can never be truly free to be our authentic selves if we hold on tightly to anger.

It’s very difficult to break out of these patterns of thinking. Certain triggers activate our emotions and automatically seem to make us react or lash out in anger and spite. Surprisingly, we may be so used to reacting that it doesn’t even feel like we are lashing out. Some personality types will even be offended if you suggest they are lashing out or even overreacting. Whatever anyone else thinks, WE know when we are miserable and when our moods seem to be dependent on others’ actions. At some point, hopefully, we can have the desire to make a change and create emotional boundaries.

How to disengage from conflict: Learning healthy boundaries about not trying to manipulate situations, mindfulness, meditation, counseling. Also joining positive support groups, not those with toxic angry vibes which perpetuate our victimhood.

Many people believe that God alone has the power to turn weakness into windows through which his glory can shine through.

Whatever method you use to work through your emotions, as long as you feel yourself becoming less reactive, and more authentic; then we can celebrate progress.

After all, when we are feeling content and emotionally stable, we can lean into helping others do the same, thereby contributing to the healing of the world. 

Is Forgiveness Letting Someone Off The Hook?

Humble Movement for the Liberation of All

-Matt Kahn


It is quite common to confuse forgiveness with ‘letting someone off the hook’ from being accountable for their actions– as if forgiveness robs someone of the opportunity of owning the gravity of their most unconscionable behavior. While untrue, it stems from a subconscious belief often suggesting, “if I don’t condemn, I’m being compliant.​” It’s quite an extreme view that is ultimately rooted in fear– in particular, the fear of being associated with atrocious actions or believing atrocity will only get worse, “if I don’t relentlessly judge, condemn, and criticize insidious behavior.”​​ Even though attacking victimizers does more to strengthen the worthlessness that causes them to hurt others as a way of bypassing their own unresolved pain than it does to rescue those being hurt. In essence, condemning a victimizer creates more time and space for that criticism to become additional ammunition to unload onto​ more innocent people. It furthers the problem instead of resolving it at its root.

In order to cleanse this planet of predatory patterning and create an energetic grid with a vibration that allows change to be processed, growth to be inspired, and even hardship to be overcome without harm done to self or another, both the victim and victimizer must be healed.

By praying for the salvation of a victimizer, you aren’t saying anything is okay or let’s let it go.​ You are aware that, through our interconnection of oneness, ​praying for the salvation of a victimizer transforms that aspect into a version of self that cannot and will not do harm, so to have the space for self-accountability to arise. Simultaneously, such an act of salvation liberates every victim of that abuser, including the ancestral lineages of all victims and victimizers through your courageous desire to serve and further the healing of life’s most daunting depth of suffering. It’s nearly like being face-to-​face with a criminal who has victims held hostage, not knowing this is a stand-o​ff with your true Buddha nature. If ​it was ​a stand-off with your ego, you might be conflicted as to how to spare the victims held at bay​​ without letting the victimizer go. And yet, when understanding the grace of Universal redemption, no one is let ‘off the hook’ to go spread further harm,​ but rather escorted directly into the heart of Source to undergo a radical process of transformation and self-accountability that cannot be confused with rationalizing the damage done in moments of abuse. And so, the wise Buddha grants the victimizer salvation, freeing the​ victims to begin the healing process, while the victimizer begins the journey of facing hurt and the hurt caused without hurting another.

None of this will feel fair to the human self ​which is why, as a form of karmic yoga, the human focuses on how each courageous act of prayer, contribution to social reform, and donations made to reputable charities furthering change on this level help rescue victims from abuse. If and when ending cycles of violence, war, abuse, suffering, and separation weigh deeply on our hearts, then may we leave no stone unturned in the unconditional redemption of each soul. Since not everyone is ready for this type of step or contribution, please hold no pressure over yourself to push and push until you can achieve the unthinkable. That type of push would make it more about self-achievement than the abused beings we are so selflessly serving. No matter how much or how little you are able to contribute, dare to bless the selflessness of awakened beings who are willing to ‘go there’ on humanity’s behalf—whether anyone else may go there, understand its importance, or would rather condemn such a being for the healing inspired​ and the number of victims and ancestral lineages quietly set free. It is all a part of know thy self. You can go within and know yourself as an entire Universe of infinite Universes. And yet, you haven’t truly known yourself until you come back from within to meet extensions of yourself as the people you help to heal. This is why the deepest self-realization is not a phrase or concept, but a humble movement of inspired service for the liberation of all. May all beings be healed and liberated by the inspired actions we take, the prayers we create, and by becoming the change we wish to see — now and forever. And so it is.

All For Love,


We thank you for the light of Holy Solution you shine.


Ever Given


Guest post by Gary Lewis

“I awoke in the early hours of the morning to the news that the quarter-mile long container ship, the Ever Given, was being freed. It had entered the Suez canal, confident it could traverse the narrow passage, but vision was obscured and it’s bow thrust upon the muddy bank.

For six days, an overpowering suction held it fast. Puny tug boats pulled, to no avail. All human effort was futile. It’s progress seemed permanently blocked, as was that of hundreds of other vessels likewise impeded.

A higher power than man’s was required, and indeed one
came to the rescue. A Spring Tide, highest of the year, lifted the ship and broke the bow from the sticky mire. Now the pull of the tug boats can have potent effect, and there is hope.

I recognize an analogy in the progress of our lives. We enter the passage of our years seeking to float to our eternal destiny. Pride and selfishness obscures our view, and sin mires us down. Our unaided efforts are futile to effectuate our escape..

Our Savior’s atoning sacrifice comes to our rescue, if we choose to accept it. Like a rising tide, the blood of His sacrifice lifts our ponderous weight and breaks us free from the quicksand that binds us. We are damned in our progress no more.

Piloted by The Holy Ghost, we continue our path, relying upon the Lord’s redemption through subsequent straits until we come out successfully at the other side.

As we approach Easter this week, we can rely on the hope of Our Savior’s redemption from sin, made possible through the gospel of repentance and forgiveness”.

Whatever your spiritual views; may you receive and accept your own Spring Tide to lift up your mucky vision to unobstructed clarity, that you may see the joy and freedom that redemption brings. 🌸