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Rainy Day Morsels of Thought

From Matt Kahn


Aside from it being how spirit lives in its highest form, one reason an empath is encouraged to always be the bigger person, no matter how anyone else behaves, is because they are more able to grow compared to the collective mentality of the world. Through their awareness alone, they haven’t placed a lid on their expansion, other than the empowered choices they refuse to embrace.

Being the bigger person may initially seem unfair to an empath when surrounded by family or a society still asleep in the conditioning still playing out. And yet, the more often an empath says ‘yes’ to being the person anchoring love, peace, kindness, and compassion, despite the attitudes, projections, and triggers of others, the more an empath is nourished by their own alignment with Spirit instead of relying on others for the sustenance they crave.

All For Love,


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