She’s Come Undone

A slight book review

Tori Jay White

A few years ago, in a small Antique shop in Idaho Falls, I picked up one of those books that somehow touches you in a way that puts the jagged pieces of your life together into a huge calming circle of archaic contentment.

This book is called “She’s Come Undone” by Wally Lamb. It was part of Oprahs book club and it touches on everything from childhood rape to bullying, abortion and AIDS.

One of the reviews stated that:

Your entire life will flash before your eyes”.

This character came alive for me. She was raised in a poor dysfunctional family. She eventually weighed 250 lbs. She was beaten, used and made fun of in college then left with nothing but $500 from the truck driver who killed her mother.

She then took a cab to Cape Cod to kill herself underneath a beached whale! I mean talk about thinking YOU had dysfunction! After spending 7 years in a mental hospital, she implanted herself into the very same building as her college roommate’s old boyfriend and married him- thinking she had finally found happiness.

The 2 lines that stood out from the book are this:

The secret to life is to settle for the shape your life takes instead of always waiting & wishing for what MIGHT make you happy-like prince charming or thin thighs.

But then there’s a stark contrast of manifestation thoughts like “The Secret” teaches of making your life what you want.

If you can only visualize your own beauty-( or financial freedom, or peace) then you can make it real”…

Finding the balance between those two statements–Being happy where you’re at yet and/or making a life out of what you truly want…is the message I received from this book. This was the authors’ first book and wow! What talent.

Torie Jay White does a much better review than me, stating:

“He writes with this power that stripped his characters bare, stripped his readers bare, and then somehow brought us all up together, more clothed and more human.

Tori Jay White

Be sure to click on her name for her full review.

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