Courage Amidst Powerlessness

Courage in the morning….

Acceptance during the day….

Surrender with gratefulness at night

Life is difficult, unpredictable, stressful, and uncertain so we must always check in with our body, with our spirit, and energy.
Every morning as I sit down to meditate, while getting in a comfortable position,
I always ask myself, “How are you feeling today Barb?” Then I ask my body what it needs to be resilient and cared for.
When we “check in” with ourselves we’re establishing a deep friendship, a strong foundation, a great love that will sustain us all the way to the end.
You are with you always so cultivate a worthy travel companion.
This is courage. You are brave when you care deeply about your mental and physical well-being so that you can be all that you can be for others and our planet.
You matter. Your life matters. 💚-barb Schmidt

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You may have been told you are powerless. You may believe it. I’ve felt it, feel it sometimes still until I remember…..

It’s not true. 

Nine ways to connect with your power

1.Your power is found in acceptance.

Accepting that “this” is your thing. A family member or loved one with a health condition or your own health condition that needs proper care.

2. Your power is found in taking responsibility. Response-ability

How am I “able” to “respond” in a manner that serves the health and wellbeing of self and others. What is my responsibility as a mother? A partner, a family member, friend? to support proper care, to provide care, to be caring. 

3. Your power is found in education. 

What is “this thing.” What am I up against? How is this properly treated/handled? How do I move barriers to healing and wellbeing? What is my part in creating, perpetuating an environment of wellness? What needs healing in me? 

4. Your power is found in discernment. 

Being curious about your perceptions, your beliefs, your actions and learning how to discern what may be conditioned, learned or untrue and finding a fresh perspective, action, belief to ground in. 

5. Your power is found in choice.

How you respond to this thing is your choice. How you care for this thing is your choice. Choose powerfully. Choose with love. 

6. Your power is found in action.

It might mean moving your body to move emotions, performing an act of self care or kindness or having an uncomfortable conversation or facing your thing head on and fully investing in healing & wellbeing. 

7. Your power is found in emotional regulation.

Learning to regulate and practicing regulating your emotions and your nervous system makes way for your most powerful brain function, receptivity and authentic connection and communication. 

8. Your power is found in sensing. 

Being in your body and able to respond to instincts & intuition rather than reacting from fear and emotional dysregulation. Feeling into what is correct, safe, nourishing, nurturing in the moment.

9. Your power is found in healing. 

Powerlessness is paralyzing, debilitating. 

Sometimes, just the tiniest shift in perception, awareness, in your body, towards connection, towards clarity, towards nourishment, towards the earth or another being will restore your power. 

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When you tuck yourself into bed tonight, reflect on what went well today, and what didn’t go as you had planned and hoped for, learn whatever you need from the experiences to make new choices next time, and then leave everything else in this day.

You can not change anything that has happened, “don’t drive yourself crazy” while trying to sleep, leave it all here knowing tomorrow is a new day and you will have a clear mind.

Whisper to yourself, “I surrender this day” then fall asleep with a content, grateful heart. 😴- Barb Schmidt

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Samantha Waters

A unique perspective on the world from a small town girl turned big city nurse. Now a grandmother to 6 gregarious, resplendent boys and 5 endearing, magical girls, she strives the make the world a more understanding, pleasant place to experience this intense thing called life.

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