That one day, that day you felt warm sweet love bursting out of your heart with such full velocity that you thought it would burst into pieces.

Another day you felt so much pain tightening into every vessel in your heart that you knew it would implode and kill you on the spot.

Then there’s the day you cried so many tears that the thought of joy and happiness was a distant memory never to meet your fractured heart again.

You became numb.

Neutral. Closed off to the possibility of either – or.

Autopilot. Apathetic. Numb.

What’s a heart to do?

Matt Kahn, my favorite (& only) spiritual guru; stated in His Video Loving Fearlessly:

If life is going to bring you something greater than you’ve ever imagined, it would begin with life NOT giving you what you wanted. So if you had something you wanted, and now you find yourself not, the only reason could be that life is making what you wanted disappear, so that something you couldn’t even imagine- could enter…..

How many times has this happened? You thought you would never recover from the pain but then someday, somewhere you look back and think, “Wow I’m sooooo glad I didn’t get what I wanted.”

Life is about balance.

Pain and joy.

Matt teaches extensively about self love. I know it’s the new pop-psychology theme of the year; but he shows exactly how to do it.

With phrases of “Loving What Arises” he teaches how to ask your higher self to help you bridge the gap from who you are and where you want to be.

So if you hate yourself, “love the one who can’t seem to love their selves”.

It sounds impossible, but if you are constantly accepting your every feeling to move you closer to where you want to be in terms of more loving, caring, more proactive, or strong; then it doesn’t seem so far away.

As you move toward self-acceptance, self love follows, then you are less likely to look to others to provide your happiness & worth.

This video is a great start on self-love.

So as this Valentine’s Day comes to a close, may we use the next 365 days to give ourselves the love & acceptance we so desperately search for in others.♥

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Samantha Waters

A unique perspective on the world from a small town girl turned big city nurse. Now a grandmother to 6 gregarious, resplendent boys and 5 endearing, magical girls, she strives the make the world a more understanding, pleasant place to experience this intense thing called life.

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