Losing Our Dreams

By Jamie Veron.

(Italics and bold added by me.)

A lot of the reason we lose so much faith in our dreams, visions, ambitions is because we believe that what inspired us to dream in the first place is actually not possible.

Because of life.

We blame life. But a lot of the time it’s not really life, is it?

It's really that we stop believing in US.

We stop trusting ourselves and pursuing whatever it is we always dreamt of pursuing because of one of two reasons:

1) Life didn’t go the way we expected it to go or

2) Life didn’t happen in the timeframe we expected it to happen in.

Yet, where do we get these expectations? Maybe we get them from comparison with others. We assume that someone else’s success during the same timeline as our timeline means our dreams won’t come true. We use another person’s path as a barometer of certainty. Which, ultimately, is flawed. Our paths are specific, not prescriptive.

We could also get these expectations simply from our own minds. Little illusions of how it should look and/or when it should happen. These illusions are not based in reality. They are just shifting perceptions—and most of the time these perceptions are completely born from fear

Sometimes it can feel like our minds are looking for reasons to give up. (Unless we retrain our minds to look for encouragements, which if you’re reading this, chances are your mind wants you to be encouraged. This is a sign!)

When we really think about it and dissect it, the only reasons we give up (or believe our time has passed or that we’re too old or too this or too that) are because of these faulty expectations. People have been defying “normal” for a very long time. And besides, we always need a new normal.

So, if you’re holding yourself and your life and your inspiration and your joy, hostage to faulty expectations or disappointments; it’s time to rethink. Time to retrain the brain. Time to start attuning yourself to encouragement. Time to look for signs that you’re on the right path FOR YOU.

If you needed a sign to not lose hope and to start letting go of expectations that are not serving you, this is it. Let them go and rise. Follow your path. Forget everything else.- Jamie Veron