The Count of Monte Cristo: Man’s Search for Happiness

Last night I had the pleasure of watching a live summers’ evening performance of “The Count of Monte Cristo”.

The Kadadl team says this: “The Count Of Monte Cristo’ is a novel written by Alexandre Dumas which follows the study of a betrayed human psyche.

The story revolves around the close study of the themes of justice, hope, mercy and vengeance. It follows the story of a person betrayed by his rival who ends up getting imprisoned wrongfully before gaining enough fortune to take his revenge”. –credit

“I don’t think man was meant to attain happiness so easily. Happiness is like those palaces in fairy tales whose gates are guarded by dragons: we must fight in order to conquer it.”

Alexandre Dumas, ‘The Count Of Monte Cristo’.

Conquering happiness?

That sounds like such a battle to be had. It doesn’t seem like it should be that difficult. “Shouldn’t” happiness just flow? Those warm fuzzy feelings of joy that ooze up on us, when we feel satiated with food or we feel the comfort of a soft pillow and fluffy blanket.

Those are simple pleasures of life that we sometimes wouldn’t call happiness.

Happiness Must mean 'everything is going fine, I'm prospering and all my kids are safe and happy'. 

That might be my definition of happiness. But, when all of those things are ever-so-not-slightly out of my control; I need to find a different definition.

In ‘The Count”, the hero/ victim/ villain has no choice but to find happiness in a stone cell, isolated and alone. He finds God through a fellow prisoner who digs his way into his cell. This elderly man almost seems like an illusion at times, in order to achieve some sense of sanity to the main characters dire circumstances. Whether the old man/wizard real or not, he is definitely Donte’s ticket to happiness.

What is our ticket? Where can we find our golden ticket?

Searching, yearning, and pining for happiness is a bit like a country song from when I was a teenager:

“Lookin’ for traces of what I’m dreaming of”….

These bits of happiness we seek, are already all around us, but we are unable to see them.

If we are constantly waiting for “our ship to come in”, we gonna-be-stranded-on-the-shore in our self-induced prison of misery. Expectations are killers in relationships, so are expectations of what our life “should” look like.

We “shouldn’t” SHUD-ON other people, so don’t SHUD-ON yourself.

Donte` probably didn’t pray or wish for an old man to pop up out of the ground to save him, but he might have made peace with his circumstances enough to create the space for the solution to seep in and envelope him in hope.

Holding space for others, is a gift to ourselves to practice 'the pause'.

Finding True Happiness🦋

The thrill of the slide. The woosh of the wind in our face. Feeling our tummies quiver in a mix of fear, joy & anticipation. Keeping one ‘leg’ in defense mode- just in case.

Isn’t that what we all search for? Isn’t that our goal every single day- to feel some peace, some relief, some hope? A bit of excitement? We can find a little here and there with a yummy treat or a funny joke or the feeling of a hot tin slide on our behinds. Maybe this is all it’s about?

Today was a cold, blistery day as I met my daughter at the football field for my grandson’s 7 on 7 football games. Watching the vigor of children as they pursue their goal of “winning” was thought- provoking for me. I watch my grandsons play with “purpose.” I watch my little granddaughter as she fervently moves her little legs to keep up with the big kids.

She’s so vigilant in her goals. Rush here, rush there. Open the gate, close the gate. Run to the slide. Come back to mommies lap. Eat a cheddar cracker. Her happiness is found moment to moment with the foundation of safety to push her through the fears of a very tall & confusing world.

I love this post by a fellow blogger along with the 63 comments under it. I hope it lifts you up as much it did me.

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True happiness is hidden in freedom of mind

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True happiness is hidden in freedom of mind. We may look independent, but our mind is tied in many bonds. Sometimes we run towards social media for happiness and sometimes towards relatives. But, this happiness does not last. We all want to be happy, but real happiness comes only when we are spending time leisurely, we take small decisions in life and we are not under any kind of pressure, our mental Do not depend on anyone else for peace. But we connect our happiness with such things, which we do not insist on. Therefore, when difficulties arise, patience begins to be answered. Liberate yourself from mental slavery. No one else but ourselves can liberate our mind.

May we all find our freedom from mental slavery. May we discover & experience our own swoosh of a hot tin slide. May we taste the dry cheesy cracker as it meets our tongues in its own anticipation of being needed. May we find what keeps us at arms length from a true glimpse into the beauty of a moment. May we dare avert the gaze of sadness & disappointment & banish it away to the file of “I respect your effort but I choose HAPPINESS today.”