4 Addictions That I Find Hard To Fight

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Us, humans, have worked so hard to create a world filled with so many magnificent things that can easily become addicting. From tangible things like food to intangible things like social media – we are surrounded by beacons calling us to them. […]

4 Addictions That I Find Hard To Fight

While my addictions keep changing by the season here are 4 addictions that I just find impossible to fight off –


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Sugar high is THE real high. Okay, I shouldn’t be making that declaration since I haven’t tried a lot of other high inducing items. While I definitely enjoy wine’s happy high (kids, please read this as: grape juice) but nothing compares to the high I get after demolishing a slice of cheesecake or even just a whole bar of dark chocolate. I’ve reduced my sugar intake a lot over the past couple of years but it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to cut off completely. At some point in my day I need me some sugar or I just can’t deal with the day. I can reduce my intake but I can’t totally cut off from sugar.


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I need to have something constantly playing even if it is just as background music while I go about doing my work. I have gotten into this habit of leaving a show on to just drown out my thoughts with the incessant noises of a show I’ve already enjoyed watching. I also am addicted to a few youtubers and end up binge watching their content from time to time. I NEED content, I just can’t do without Netflix and Youtube and Prime Video and Disney+ and…more content!


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If you approach me to talk to me before I’ve had my cuppa coffee – God help you! I am a demon who is only able to reign in their terror with the help of caffeine! I literally cannot function without coffee – adulting is hard enough but doing it without coffee is impossible. Literally the only good thing about being an adult is that you can have coffee and cake whenever you want. Again, I have managed my addiction a lot and I am usually able to function on just 1 cup of coffee in the morning but I need that 1 cup for sure.


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Where is my overthinker gang at? No matter how hard I try to stay away from getting lost in the spiral of my thoughts – there are still nights when I stay up till 5AM with my mind spinning tales that I can’t control. Overthinking is definitely an unconscious addiction but it is a habit that has been SO SO hard to kick.

Do you battle any of these addictions? What are some things and habits that you battle hard to not be addicted to?

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