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Humble Beginnings

I was at my sons house this weekend which happens to be my childhood home, and as I wandered into the back yard I was startled to see this old tin tub….I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it…..that old tub used to sit in our kitchen in the late sixties & seventies. We didn’t have a washer and my mom would wash clothes in it….but it had another use that I’m not quite sure why…..
I remember bathing in that tub! Obviously it was when I was small but it just blows my mind to remember that……
We had a bathtub…… But I don’t remember ever using it….

Yes humble beginnings…

For years and years I based those humble beginnings on my self worth… Still do sometimes..

Small town mentality does that to you at times…

It takes a lot of deep searching, a lot of misjudgment, painful experiences.. To come to realize that your past doesn’t define your future…

And your present circumstances never have to be your future.

I truly believe I was meant to have the parents I had, I think I was brought to help THEM….not trying to be conceited….. just stating facts….
And in the process it molded me into being determined to not just survive….

But to thrive…

3 thoughts on “Humble Beginnings”

  1. Me too! Saturday Nights in the kitchen. The youngest went first! hahahha <Me too!

    Fear is playing God by trying

    to control the future.” Helen Joy Davidman Gresham

    “In His will is our peace.” – Dante’s Divine Comedy


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