Decompression is absolutely necessary when our emotional cookie jar is running on empty (as it is with most days of moms of substance use & other life stressors).

For those days when we can’t run to the beach or even metaphorically bury our head in the sand, it’s so important to be able to vent our feelings and just breathe.

Here’s the most common de-stressors for emotionally gruelling days from Mental Health Partners:

  1. Deep breathing. Try this: Inhale deeply. Hold it. Let the breath out, counting to 10. Feel the tension and stress flowing out of you with your breath. Repeat 3-10 times, as necessary and blow the stress through you.
  2. Talk it out. It may seem obvious, but this tip is often overlooked. Sometimes stress can buildup simply because you have a nagging issue that needs addressing or you simply need to vent about your day. Talking to a loved one or professional can help, but don’t be afraid to just gab to yourself if no one is around!
  3. Exercise. *Groan* It’s impossible to read a list like this without seeing “Exercise”, isn’t it? But we all know that getting your blood pumping is good for your brain. Do you hate running and despise the gym? Instead, challenge yourself to a quick 5-minute home workout everyday this week. Don’t forget that any exercise helps!
  4. Get outdoors. A soft reset is something we all need, and nature is always happy to oblige. If you’re a client of ours we know you have access to some of the greatest outdoors in the country, so use them! Ski, snow shoe, or even just getting out for a hike. (And with all that activity you can knock two of these decompressers out at once!)
  5. Meditate. You don’t need any training to have a relaxing meditation session. Even a short session can leave you feeling like a new person. Don’t get frustrated if you’re having trouble by yourself! Perhaps try a quick, guided meditation to start off.
  6. Take a day off. Of course, if you can. Taking a stay-cation from your job or other responsibilities is a great way to cleanse your mind of your daily activities and hit the restart button on your stress level.
  7. Read. And we don’t mean social media posts on your phone. Get a good book that can transport you away from your stress and get lost in it. Need recommendations? Ask this tool what you should read next.
  8. Disconnect. The dim glow from the electronics in our life sure can be a strain. It wouldn’t hurt our eyes if we all took some time away from our phones, tablets and computers. And plus, it would really help our brains.
  9. Take a nap. No explanation needed.

This video From Pheonix Australia is my kind of visual learning:Managing emotions

This one explains how to help when our brains get stuck in high alert mode: (I swear I’m there every single day)Emotion Tips

It’s not good for our health to be stuck in these high alert modes so I hope some of these suggestions help us get some relief from the battles we face each day. Most days I come home from work and just need to breathe for relief from my job. 🗣As soon as that’s accomplished, I start into worry mode about my son and my family. 👥I plan on using them also. 🏖🌈☀🌀🌈☀🏖

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