The Beauty of the Cocoon

When I was in Sedona a few years ago I was sick for 8 hours straight. Couldn’t lift my head enough to walk or drive. I ended up watching the history channel all day.  I came across this fascinating documentary on Butterflies! It showed how the caterpillar attaches itself to the twig with all its … Continue reading The Beauty of the Cocoon

365 Days

As I watched the black swirly water from my home box of hair coloring make its way down the slowly backing-up drain; I thought of how significant this is for the end of this year. All my disappointments, black clouds of despair, & misunderstandings going, going, gone down the black jole of nowhere. Disappearing– yet … Continue reading 365 Days

Not My Child

Overdose Awareness Day For all those who see all the purple banners today representing overdose awareness day and you scroll on by thinking: “I’m glad that doesn’t affect me, I’m glad I taught my kids better” or “Someone should have got them help”. I applaud you. I do. I am sooo glad that you have … Continue reading Not My Child


Finding Peace While Loving Those With Addiction Come explore the delicate tightrope of loving those who are suffering with addiction and finding peace in your own life.  Go to Blog To work in the world lovingly means that we are defining what we will be for, rather than reacting to what we are against.” Christina … Continue reading Home