Addictology Deconstructed

Yup you read that right.

Kind of a tongue twister, but this Doctor really did a great job at deconstructing addiction for the layman. She lived it as a heroin addict while in medical school and for years after. She wrote her experience in this inciteful Book.

She is such a valued resource in educating people on why their loved ones are acting so rude and ridiculous.

It really does come down to what we’ve heard before-those damn pleasure centers that we ALL love so much.

The hippocampus and amygdala are our motivators to get up every day & seek out pleasure- however small.

That part of the brain becomes so flushed & overwhelmed with opiods ( thanks in part to Purdue-👿) that the addict can’t derive ANY pleasure from ANYTHING else, so they spend every waking minute of every single day seeking out ways to achieve that pleasure.

This usually means trompelling on anybody and anything just for one more day of trying to reach the pleasure centers’ levels of the day before. It soon becomes a grueling game of only using to avoid sickness with almost zero pleasure. A viscious horrible rat wheel cycle of a never ending purple gobstopper in a relentless version of groundhog day.

She gives the best explanation of the brain of a person with substance use disorder.

Nicole Labor book

Here’s her live talk. Hope you enjoy them

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